We Are Fusion Pointe

Where entrepreneurs, mentors and investors come together to ignite Southwest Florida’s regional economy and create jobs.

Founded by a dedicated group of private, public and philanthropic leaders, Fusion Pointe drives economic impact by helping to increase the number of investment-ready companies in the region, so they can grow and hire aggressively.

What We Do


Fusion Pointe advances Southwest Florida’s innovation economy by connecting entrepreneurs with experienced mentors, who will help them build their high-tech startups into investor-ready ventures and connect them with the right funders at the appropriate time.


Fusion Pointe will create additional opportunities in the local economic development community by becoming a buzzing hub of venture development, where entrepreneurs will get the knowledge, connections and potential sources of capital they need to succeed, all under one organization.

Our Proven Mentoring Model

Communities that foster successful startups see increased economic vitality in terms of both wealth and jobs; and according to the Startup Genome Project, these startups firms are seven times more likely to raise investment capital and more than three times more likely to grow customer bases if they have helpful mentors.

Fusion Pointe provides those mentors.

Our Venture Mentoring Program was developed in partnership with JumpStart Inc., a best-in-class, nationally recognized nonprofit based in Cleveland, Ohio who has developed and led programs that have fueled millions of dollars of investment and created thousands of jobs in communities across the U.S.

This proven model enables local startups to access expertise from industry leaders all across the country. These experts help entrepreneurs grow their ventures faster and attract capital investment more successfully than they could do alone.

Have Questions?

We encourage you to review our website and familiarize yourself with our Mission and Programs.  Please feel free to email us for additional information.