john-gambaA serial entrepreneur, John has founded, funded, managed and exited several Internet companies in his 20 year career. After forming his own Ed Tech Incubator in 1999, John Co-founded PACE – the Partnership for Academic and Community Excellence. PACE was a school-to-home communications network that connected thousands of K-12 schools to millions of families in all 50 states.

Less than eight years after its founding, PACE was purchased by NTI Group, Inc. and then sold to Blackboard, Inc. (nasd: BBBB) for $182 million. At the time of the acquisition, NTI Connect-ED served 20% of America’s K-12 schools and sent over one billion alerts / notifications to households annually.

John is now the President at MassiveU, a Naples, FL based provider of mobile-first social learning solutions to education content providers and learning institutions.  A proprietary platform, MassiveU is provides solutions to Pearson, Redbird Advanced Learning, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship and Collier County Schools.

John is a director of the Gamba Family Foundation which is committed to help close the achievement gap for inner-city schools.  A proud Father of two boys and a competitive Ironman Triathlete, John is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.